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Samhain Publishing Closing, So Download Your Books

Romance house Samhain Publishing is closing on February 28th, so now’s a great time to ensure that you’ve downloaded copies of all the purchases you’ve made directly from their site.

Here’s their announcement:

Greetings, Samhain Readers.

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce Samhain Publishing will be closing at the end of February. Due to the declining sales we’ve been experiencing with this changing market we’ve come to the sad conclusion it’s time to call it a day.

The last of our new titles launch February 21st; I hope you will check them out and support them as you have so many other Samhain titles through the years.”

Our site will go dark at the end of the day, February 28th. Please take a few moments and visit, buy what you might have been planning on getting someday in the future, but download and back up your bookshelf because you won’t have access to it after February 28th.

Thank you for all your support through the eleven years we’ve been open. It’s been a pleasure to bring to market new voices in publishing and new works from familiar authors. From start to finish, we’ve always kept what the reader wants in mind and hope you enjoyed what we had to offer.

This really saddens me as Samhain was one of my very favorite houses. I’ve read between 1/4 and 1/3 of their total titles.

I know that the “We’re closing, no we’re not, why would you even say that” from last year was really tough on Samhain authors. Because of that, Samhain lost a ton of prestige with them, which led to established (and financially successful for Samhain) authors not submitting more books, which kind of snowballed the end. If they hadn’t screwed it up last year, I doubt they’d be closing this quickly.

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It's the less than a month notice and releasing a title three days before closing that get to me. They had to have more notice than this themselves. They ought to be giving customers, authors, & staff better than a couple of weeks to organize themselves. All the e-publishers that have closed recently have pulled the same thing & I do not respect it at all.

Completely agree. It's at least more notice than All Romance E-Books gave.

Also, Dec and Jan are typically a romance publisher's best months, up to mid-February, so they had to know this was coming. Sigh.

They're still releasing books? As an author that "screw you, we're still going to make it so this book will be harder for you to sell since it'll no longer be unpublished" bullshit would piss me off to no end. WTF is that supposed to accomplish? They probably can't even make any decent money off a title in three days.

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